Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was late leaving work today due to a conference call that ran very late and where one person was being totally unreasonable regarding the request that was being made. Everybody else was willing to make compromises except this one person. As annoyed as I was when I finally was able to leave, I was counting my blessings a few minutes later. I got caught in a backup on the beltway which I assumed was due to an accident based on the firetruck, ambulance and police car that went flying by us on the shoulder. It also told me that it was something that had recently happened. The accident had occurred about 1/2 mile in front of me and involved and overturned car. When I passed the scene the person was strapped to a gurney with a neck brace on and who knows what else. It was a reminder how fast things can change and that usually things that annoy us on a day to day basis are trivial in the grand scheme of life.

By the time I got home, Ty was at Karate class, the older kids all headed off on their bikes, Keari was grumpy because she'd just woken up and Bekah, Taylor and Adam were just themselves. ;) Keari and I sat down to a bowl of cereal for dinner...it was a quick dinner of bagel bites and left over pork chops/mashed potatoes tonight because Andy had been out clothes shopping with the kids this afternoon. This is a picture of Keari in one of her new dresses. She's loves dresses...we might actually have a girly girl with this one. ;)

The bagel bites were nowhere to be seen by the time I made it in the house and I'd had pork chops/mashed potatoes for lunch so cereal sounded like a good thing. Then of course we had to have a brownie for dessert. By this point, Ty and Andy made it home and instead of going for our normal evening walk, the girls wanted to go swimming. I took Adam in for a bit...he absolutely loves the water and kept trying to get me to let go of him. He didn't seem to understand that if I didn't have my hands on him that he would sink under the water. The mosquitos finally chased Adam and I out but by that point the older kids were back and invading our space. ;) They are still out there having a ball although they are all going nuts at the moment because a horsefly is attacking them. I do believe that we made a good investment in getting the pool all those years ago.

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Naomi said...

we have a pool too and it was one of our greatest investments for the kids - they love it and i love it when they play in it :) Naomi.


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