Friday, November 24, 2006

Family Time

Yesterday was a lovely family day. It was really nice having my parents and my sister & her DH over for the day. We all ate way too much and we even forgot to put a couple of things out on the table. Oops! That just meant we got to snack on them later. LOL We cooked two turkey's in a roasting oven which cooked extremely fast. The turkey was done 1 1/2 hrs before we were expecting it to be. We didn't take into account that the standalone oven would cook faster than a regular oven. Oh well, we just kept it warming until everything else was done. We also deep fried a turkey. Yummy! My BIL introduced us to deep frying as that's how he's always had his turkeys done so now we have to do one that way too. We also deep fried some shrimp after the turkey was cooked. I can't imagine anything better than deep fried shrimp. The rest of the meal consisted of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans, corn, rolls, gravy and cranberry sauce. The items we forgot were meatballs and watergate salad. And for dessert we had pumpkin pie, apple pie and coconut custard pie. I was soooo full last night but it was all delicious. And we've got tons of left overs so we'll be eating well today. :) I just wish I had remembered to take a picture of the everyone at the table.

Last night as I was trying to get Kearsyn to sleep, I sat down in the rocking chair and happened to look on the floor and saw what the pictures shows...apparantley Bekah has been hoarding Christmas ornaments. LOL

Today should be an easy day. Traditionally it's our day for Christmas decorating but since we did it early this year, that doesn't need to be done...although our outside lights do need a little repair work done to them after the huge wind storm we had. And since we just did a major cleaning job of the house, that also doesn't need to be done. Maybe I'll try to get some stitching time in between loads of laundry but I haven't been much in the mood for stitching lately. Most likely I will just sit back and read a book. =)


~Velda said...

lol that's a cute little hoard there but she needs to learn to read HER name on the ornie lol too funny! glad you had a nice day!

Jaime said...

lol. She just wants her own ornies and tree.
sounds like you had a great day!

Sara Laughs said...

It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I've never had a fried turkey but I hear they're the best.

Bekah is too cute!

Meari said...

LOL, Bekkah hoarding ornaments. She just wants to make sure she has enough! ;)


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