Thursday, November 30, 2006

Busy Day

Andy took Alex to the Gunston Open House. Alex really liked it...they both said the place was beautiful. Too bad it costs $18,000 to go there for a year. Yikes! I don't see that happening but we are going to go ahead and fill out the financial aid form just to see what we might get. Can't hurt any.

Bekah had her speech evaluation appt today. I was very impressed with how the ladies did the evaluation. They even taught Bekah how to sign "more" which she still remembers. That's so amazing to me that she can be shown the sign a couple of times and she is still retaining it. Makes me want to learn more signs that can be taught to her. They were totally impressed with her motor skills...she's actually doing a number of things above age level. She is delayed in her speech area so she does qualify for the program. The next steps are for them to write up their report to figure out exactly where she falls, then we'll get together to discuss the findings. During that meeting, we'll decide on how best to proceed with getting her additional speech help. The good news is...actually there are two...1) it's free and 2) they'll come to the house to everything so that will make things easier on us.

Kenzie's softball practices have started back up again. They are only optional at this point but do you think my girl would miss any kind of practice?? No way! LOL So Andy and she made the trek to Trappe to the indoor facility for the practice tonight.

Connor is impatiently waiting for the Ravens game to start. This child loves football!

I've seen so many beautiful pictures of sunrises and sunsets lately...Velda's and Andy's...I thought I would post one that I took tonight as I went out to turn on our outside Christmas lights. I realize now after looking at the picture that I should have walked out farther on the deck so our rain spout and satellite wires weren't in it. Oops! LOL


Tina said...

What a beautiful picture!!! And I am so excited to hear about B's eval today. More good things to come, I am sure.

Jaime said...

what a day!
glad that the appointment went well. It doesn't hurt to fill out a financial aid form..

I just had to post that!

xsquared said...

My nephew was taught some signs in his speech therapy and he picked them up crazy fast - I've seen him sign "more", "again", "all done" and a bunch of others. He became such a happier kid when he could communicate what he wanted!

Sara Laughs said...

Wow that's an expensive school. Yikes!

I'm glad therapy will come to your home. How wonderful! When my mom was still a practicing speech pathologist she used to go to some homes but usually they came to ours. I hated it because I had to stay upstairs and be quiet or go outside. LOL!


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