Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Times 2

Today is Tay's and Ty's 7th birthday and they were very excited about it. Tyler has been asking me for days how many more days it was til his birthday. It was a beautiful day for it. They got to help their dad put up Christmas lights on the roof...for once it got done while it was still warm outside. I think we should have opened their presents earlier because they got skateboards and today would have been a wonderful day to be riding them. I think they are calling for rain tomorrow but maybe they'll get a little bit of time to play with them before it starts. They also got some movies which of course caused some controversy because they each wanted to watch a different. We said for tonight that the oldest one got to choose and that it was Tyler's own fault that he was younger because he had pushed his brother out first so he could have more room. He so hates when we say that! LOL

Connor and Kenzie had choir practice this afternoon so that left me with making dinner. I decide to try a recipe that I'd seen on the Large Families board called Tator Tot Casserole. I don't think the kids were too thrilled with it. I actually liked it although it was a little bland..will need to add something else to it if I make it again to spice it up a little...but it was easy to make and I'm all for that as I hate to cook. =)

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I have my postpartum check up in the morning and then have an eye exam in the afternoon. Makes for a lot of running around but at least I'll get them over with. Let's just hope Kearsyn behaves herself while I'm gone.


Jaime said...

Happy birthday boys!!!
sounds like they had a great day
have a good day tomorrow

xsquared said...

Happy Birthday to your 2 little men!

Eagles Wings said...
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Eagles Wings said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!
From another mom of twin boys :-)

p.s. Sandra over at SAHM blog has a crockpot recipe exchange every thursday that's worth a check...

and I have some recipes on my blog as well, that might help you out a little.

Sara Laughs said...

ROTFL! I guess I know which one you love the most. One gets an elegant glass cake stand and the other the top of a copy-paper box. ;)

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Vicki said...

ROFL Sara!! I hadn't even thought about that. Next year I'll have to cover that box top with pretty paper. ;) LOL


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