Thursday, May 03, 2007


Tonight was Alex's confirmation. How grown up he looked in his suit and tie. I'll have to get a picture up of him. His aunt Von was his sponsor and it's been great to see her so often over the past few months as he's gone through this process. There were a ton of kids getting confirmed tonight...I hadn't realized how big the class was until I saw them all sitting together. Connor and Kenzie got to help during the mass...they were charged with holding the bishop's staff and hat. It was a very nice mass and all the kids were actually well behaved. ;-) Afterwards, all the confirmation candidates got to have their picture taken with the bishop. When it was our turn, we had Kenzie and Connor join Alex and the bishop for the picture taking. The bishop saw Kenzie coming and said "McKenzie, you're back" in a most delighted voice. Pretty cool that the bishop actually knows our daughter by name. =)

In addition to the confirmation, Alex also had his math placement today for school. He thought the test was very hard so it will interesting to see what his class schedule looks like. We have to wait til June though as that's when they mail the schedules out although now that I've typed that, it's just occurred to me that it's already May so June is less than a month a way. Sheeze, where has the time gone???

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Margaret said...

God's blessings on Alex! Congratulations


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