Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baseball Anyone?

Over the last two nights, I've been to 6.5 hrs of baseball with 2.5 more to come tomorrow. It's been beautiful weather and I actually got to see Alex's team play last night. It's the first time season that I've gotten to watch him play. They did great...won 11 -7...and Alex had some great plays in the field and assisted in making two outs in one of the innings. Connor's team played tonight and they also had a good game. Connor got the first hit for his team...took til the 4th inning...but when he hit it, he hit it good. Ended up with a triple and an rbi. He also scored that inning. He also had a good hit his next time up to bat.

Tomorrow Kenzie has softball practice which mom has agreed to take her to so I can get the twins to their game. Some things I can do on my own but getting them all to their games tomorrow when they start at the same time and are 40 miles apart isn't possible.

Andy comes home tomorrow from his trip and I know everyone is excited to have him back. It sounds like he's been having a good time and he was telling me tonight that he now wants to move to Utah.

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Sandy said...

Wow you sound as busy as me and I only have 1. My DS starts Football Spring Training tomorrow so I know what you mean with all the taxing everywhere. Good luck to you and it sounds like fun.


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