Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Craziness Begins

Okay, well I guess some would laugh at that title and say that our craziness began a long time ago. LOL The current craziness is due to Andy taking his annual trip with his dad. He left last night and they are currently winging their way to Las Vegas as I type. Among other things, they will be visiting the grand canyon and hoping to do the donkey down the canyon. How cool! and I'm quite jealous about it. But I'm looking forward to being off work for a week...with as crazy as things have been there, I definitely need the break.

So far I'm on schedule this morning. I've gotten two kids off to their respective games, albeit by other sources but hey, at least they are getting there. Kenzie is on her way to Westminster for her softball tournament. She has three games to play today and then the coach wants to take them out to dinner afterwards. How nice is that? Then they at least one more game tomorrow in Westminster. Depending on whether they win that first game determines whether they play others tomorrow. Alex has a 9am game, Connor and the twins have 11:30 games. Of course, Connor and the twins games are at two different parks. Nothing is ever simple. Then the boys have to serve at 7pm mass tonight. Pray that the kiddos behave themselves tonight.

At least I don't need to worry about a piano recital in the midst of all the games today. They were originally supposed to play today at the National Guild Auditions but their teacher got the weekends mixed's actually next good for me. =)

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