Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Short Game

The twins had a game tonight which was an adventure getting to. It started with me asking the boys, hours before we had to leave mind you, if they knew where everything was that they would need for the game. They assured me they did but of course when it comes time to go, they are missing something. Then Bekah decides to have a totally disgusting diaper as I'm carrying her to van which meant I had to throw her in the bathtub and do a quick change myself. Eww! So we are finally able to leave and head for the main road only to find it jam packed with cars. Quick change of plans put me on the back road to the field but of course that was packed with cars as well...that always happens when there is a problem on the main road. The trouble tonight was a very serious accident on the westbound Bay Bridge that resulted in 3 deaths and the bridge being completely shut down. I'm finally able to get through all the traffic and get the boys to their field, which of course is the one that we have to go down by the bridge to get to. It's a good thing we were able to get there because prior to us arriving they only had 5 players for their team. They decided to go ahead and start with the 7 and just play short handed as the game was already 15 minutes late getting started. The kids played great...alot of very short innings due to excellent an hour later we were done. That almost never happens. I didn't think we'd have any trouble getting back home because the accident was in the opposite direction but I was soon to find out that they had started detouring westbound 50 onto the road I was traveling on and then back onto eastbound 50. That meant that all of us had to get detoured onto a side road early so as not to interrupt the U turn they had created at overpass for turning this westbound traffic around. Needless to say my 10 minute trip to and from the park was much longer tonight but we finally made it home. I'm very thankful that I was off this week because I would have normally been coming home around the time of the accident and would have gotten caught on the other side of the bridge.

Mom took Kenzie to her softball practice and then because of the mess down here just decided to keep her overnight. I know Kenzie is loving having her grandparents to herself for a change.

Andy landed safe and sound and is now trying to get home through the traffic. It looks like it's cleared out some from earlier so hopefully he won't have a long wait at the bridge to get over. The westbound side is still shut down and has been since 4pm this afternoon. They are looking whether there was any structural damage done to the bridge during the accident. Let's hope not because that's my one and only way to get to work although I don't have to go back until Monday. Here's one of the pics that they've had on the newspaper sites from the accident. At the time this accident happened, that far left lane has traffic heading in the opposite direction from the way these vehicles are facing. The Jerridan you see in the picture wasn't there to help tow away damaged vehicles...he was actually involved in the accident. This accident ended up involving 7 vehicles and was caused when a trailer came unhitched from an suv. The bridge was reopened around midnight after an inspection deemed there to be no structural damage. What a terrible tragedy.


Jaime said...

wow, what a day!
hope Andy is home by now!

Margaret said...

What a day! I read about that accident and prayed YOU weren't on the bridge!!!

hollyday said...

I was in a self-imposed news blackout yesterday (not easy in this area as you know ;) so I didn't read/hear about it--how horrible! I'm so glad you weren't on it at the time, and I'm glad you were able to get to the game and home again, even if it did take longer. ((Hugs))


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