Monday, May 07, 2007

Family Walk

It was another beautiful evening so after dropping Alex off at youth group, the rest of us headed to terrapin beach. This time I had Kearsyn, Bekah, Kenzie, Tay, Ty & Connor along for the walk. We had a good time...found some toads along the to solve a maze that some had drawn in the sand. As you can see, the kids were being their normal goofball selves. LOL

This is the view we saw as we were leaving the bay and heading back to our van. I was teasing the kids that if we didn't hurry we were going to get locked in the park because it closes at sunset. That got the older ones hurrying but it did nothing to get Bekah moving. She was quite content to meander along looking at the toads, swans, bugs and whatever else we happened to see along the way. By the time we made it back to that parking lot, we were the only vehicle left. The kids were much relieved when we made it to the exit and found it still open although they had locked off the incoming lane, although I think they were secretly hoping that we'd be stuck because they were already making plans on how to get out through the locked gate...none of which would have been good for our van. Glad I didn't have to implement any of their plans. LOL

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