Monday, May 14, 2007

An Ear Full

Well not really but Keari does have her first ear infection...albeit a very, very, very slight slight that the dr almost didn't feel the need to say anything about it. For the past 5 nights she hasn't been sleeping well at all...has a terrible cough that keeps waking her up. Andy took her in today to get her checked out. We have a prescription for her but because the infection is so slight, I think we are going to hold off getting it filled. She's more bothered by the coughing...which I think is caused by post-nasal drip (allergies maybe) than her ear hurting her. Hopefully she'll be able to get some sleep tonight so we'll all be able to get some sleep. ;)


Margaret said...

I hope that Kearsyn is feeling better soon and that you all get som SLEEP!!!

Meari said...

Hope the baby feels better soon! Poor thing.


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