Sunday, May 06, 2007

1 Tie and 3 Losses

That is the result of this weekends softball tournament in Westminster. The first game they played ended in a tie which is great. I think this is the first time the girls have gotten that close to winning a game this season. The second game they lost but game back from a huge deficit to get within 5 runs. I think that's awesome because it shows that the girls didn't give up even when they were so far down. Unfortunately the 3rd game and the Sunday game were both slaughters...poor girls. The are an extremely young team and they make improvement every week so one of these days they will have their first win. Hopefully it will be sometime soon.


hollyday said...

Tag--you're it ;). Read my blog to see what it's about :). ((Hugs))

Sara Laughs said...

Hi Vicki. I'm tagging you too LOL!


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