Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Reprieve

Today was to be a crazy day...practice in Easton @ 9, game at Love Point @ 9, game at Mowbray @ 9:30, game at Love Point @ 1:30, piano recital @ church @ 4. There would have been just enough time between the 3 early games to run home, grab a bite to eat, get 3 showers done and then get back to the field for the afternoon game, run home to grab a quick shower before heading to piano. Andy did the Easton trek, dropped Kenzie off, then went to Lowe's in search of driveway sealer and plants. He also dropped Alex off at practice before his game. I took the rest of the kiddos to the twins game @ 9:30. While there, we ran into Connor's coach (afternoon game) and discovered that game was cancelled due to coach and some players being sick. So that freed up our afternoon. Yay! So instead of running around like crazy people, we all came home after the morning games, my dad came down to drop off a load of mulch, I went to the store to look for a mother's day gift, showers have all been taken and we are just hanging out waiting til it's time to go to the recital.

Alex's team won this morning...they actually had the slaughter rule invoked which is unusual for their team. The twins also did well. It was the first game where they had kids pitch to each other and it actually went pretty good. Tyler scored a run and also tried to stop a line drive with his leg. Ouch! Tay had some good swings at the ball but wasn't able to connect...hopefully next. He needs to learn a little patience and not swing at every ball that comes in.

And for something completely different...can you tell what's lurking in the leaves?


~Velda said...

well at first I thought the gray thing was a grenade or something...but THEN, then, I saw the eyeball..snake, frog? Peter says a salamander/lizard/gecko type thing..spill what is it?

Happy Mother's Day

Meari said...

Wahoo... a repreive! The thing in the grass looks like a lighthouse.

hollyday said...

I was first looking at the white thing but then I looked behind it--ewww! I'm thinking snake ;). ((Hugs))


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