Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Longest Hour

When does 60 minutes feel like a lifetime? When you are in church with two 7 yr olds, a 2 yr old and a 6 month old. Usually Alex and Connor are around to help with the younger ones but they were scheduled to serve tonight and to be honest, if they hadn't been scheduled to serve, I probably wouldn't have taken any of them to church cause I know how they act up when it's just me. If there had been a way to take Bekah and Kearsyn out of the church I would have done so about halfway through but Bekah was in such a mood she wouldn't have gone out easily and I can't carry her and the baby at the same time. By the end of mass, I was just hanging my head praying that it would be over soon. I had one lady come up to me afterwards and say that I was a brave woman and how much she enjoys the kids. I'm not sure everyone shared her sentiment tonight. I'm just thankful that Andy will be back for next Saturday's mass.


~Velda said...

oh no!!!!!! don't tell me that. we have to do communion today lol

hollyday said...

Congratulations for making it through--I hope Andy will make things easier next time :). ((Hugs))


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