Sunday, April 03, 2011

3rd Quarter

Saturday was D day for 3rd quarter report cards.  The results are in and after all the hard work for the semester Alex ended the quarter with 5 A's and 2 C's.  I'm a little disappointed in the C's because he actually had them both at B's a few weeks ago but things could have been a lot worse.  I'm thankful that they were high C's at least so no worries about D's this quarter....yes, we have been there in the past.  Hard to believe he only has one more left and his high school career will be over.  Connor ended up with straight A's...the lowest of the 7 being 92 and the highest being 103.  Thru our high school travels so far, we've had numerous 1st and 2nd honor roll achievements but this was the first time either of the boys has made Principal's Honor Roll.  To make that honor roll means that you have no grade less than a 90 and the average of all the grades has to be 93.  Connor missed it by less than 1% last quarter and he worked really hard to make sure he made it this time.  His reward from us was paying for his accredited Geometry class that he's taking over the summer.  He requested to take the class, not us, I swear!

Kenzie's softball team had their first scrimmage this weekend and Kenzie actually got to bat.  She did great until she actually had to run after hitting the ball.  Apparently that was quite a sight to see...not often you see a ball player hobbling down the first base line.  Needless to say she got out.  :(  So I guess that answers the question of whether her leg is any obviously isn't regardless of what the drs have we are searching for a new doctor for her to see.

Connor spent the afternoon on the soccer field reffing 3 games...which he totally did not want to do...especially after being up sick all night.  But they were desperate for refs for this game, which is how Connor ended up in the position in the first place, so he sucked it up and went.  Everything was going fine until the last game when they ended up having to call the ambulance because of a collision between players.  Kenzie said it was pretty horrible to hear the girl yelling as they tried to move her.  I can't imagine the anxiety the parents were feeling.  Praying that everything turns out okay for her.

Tomorrow will start another awful cycle at work.  It's beginning of the month which means it's time to do bills again.  February bills went better than January's so I'm praying March's go better than February...we work a month behind, in case you're wondering about the dates.  Only good thing about tomorrow is dance and karate classes, so no working late.  :)

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