Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Level Up

Ty had one more stripe to go before he could move to the next belt when he went to class tonight and for once he was actually willing to ask if he could test.  He sometimes gets in moods where even though he knows the material, he refuses to ask if he can test for it.  Tonight was different.  And they were more than willing to honor his request by throwing the best of the class at him.  He ended up sparring 6 upper belts, one after the other, ending with the highest ranked belt.  He was pretty tired by the time he was done but he did an awesome job.  Was able to score some good points and got some pointers on how not to get scored on.  In the end, he earned his stripe which enables him to move up to the next belt level at the end of the month.  This new belt will officially mark the halfway point to black belt.  Way to go, Ty!

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