Friday, April 08, 2011

7 Hours

That's how long I was in a vehicle yesterday.  Thankfully it was not a continuous 7 hours but that's a heck of a lot of time to be driving around.  And I didn't really go too far from home.  We had a department meeting at our Washington, DC office so I drove to our Baltimore office in the morning (1 hr).  Caught a bus with the rest of the folks to DC (2 hrs due to traffic).  Spent 4 hours at the office.  Took bus home (2 hrs, again due to traffic).  Stepped off the bus and immediately hopped in my car to drive howe (1 hr).  Headed to Easton for the Parent Appreciation Reception at Alex's school (40 minutes). Returned home from reception (40 minutes).

Too bad we didn't have any free time in DC.  It would have been fun to see the cherry blossoms since this is the time for them.  Our old building used to be in the prime location for viewing the blossoms.  We could walk outside at lunch to the Jefferson Memorial, walk along the water and see all the beautiful trees.  Unfortunately the location of our new building doesn't lend itself to easy viewing.

I was never so glad to work from home today.  :)  And thankfully Andy took Kenzie to her appt in Baltimore so I didn't have to go anywhere near a car today.  I worked some in the morning then took a break when it was time for Adam's nap...he gets just cranky when he's tired.  ;)  Keari, Adam and I watched Tangled during this time.  I love that movie!  Then back to work when Andy/Kenzie got home.

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Full of Grace said...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up as I should! Alot has happened since the last time I came around to read! 7 hours IS a long time in a car! Those cherry blossoms are GORGEOUS!! :) We've been wanting to watch tangled, but have yet to so far, hopefully someday soon :)


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