Saturday, April 02, 2011

Crazy Weather

I thought March was supposed to me the month that started off rough and end easy. So far, April has been far more interesting. Snow on the first day in some areas of the state, and today started off just plain ugly...dark, dreary, rainy. Afternoon brought loud rumbles of thunder, pouring rain and hail. Wonder what will be in store for us tomorrow.

Alex still isn't feeling well and now Connor seems to rapidly sliding downhill which will be bad for tomorrow as he is supposed to ref 3 soccer games. Keari, on the other hand, seems to be back to her normal perky self.

On the menu today for lunch was dolphin cheese and mayonaise sandwiches. I'm not quite sure who introduced them to that combo but both Adam and Keari love them.  Keari was patient enough to wait for her sandwich to be cut into the cute dophin/heart shapes.  Adam, on the other hand, doesn't have a patient bone in his body and started eating the sandwich as soon as I pulled the bread out of the bag.  And yes, that would have meant that it was just plain bread at that point.  Told ya, not a patient bone...

Today we watched Tangled, which the girls have seen a number of times already. This was my first viewing and I loved it. Very cute movie! and oh so much better than that Avatar, The Last Airbender movie we watched last night.  The girls actually ended up watching it again right before bedtime with Andy and the sign that he liked it was that he stayed til the end of the movie...which did not happen with the one last night.

Guess I should think about doing some housework tomorrow but that's really no fun. Sure wish I could get the child workers in this house to do their chores...or rather do them correctly because to give them some credit, they do try to do them, they just tend to not do them very well. I keep reminding myself that one day soon they will all be out of the house and I will miss these days. Okay, maybe not so much...and not so soon since the youngest is only 2 1/2 and hasn't even gotten to the chore stage yet. ;)

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