Friday, April 15, 2011


I working today, trying not to pay much mind to the babbling going on around me by the two littlest ones.  Finally, my subconscious registers a ton of giggling.  Wondering what in the world is up, I turn around and see...
Adam and Keari

They look pretty darn happy with themselves.  :)

Kenzi had her first PT appt today and I feel much better about the care she is getting in this office than where she was doing PT before.  Someone was actually with her the entire time, asked questions and listened to what she had to say, and followed the requested exercises by her Dr.

She's been diagnosed with Patellofemoral Syndrome.  The exercises she will be doing over the next 6 weeks will hopefully work to correct the alignment problem she now has from trying to compensate for the pain she's been having in her knee.  The PT had her walk down the hall today to watch how she moved and commented how her injured leg bows inward when she walks.  He also had her stand directly in front of him so he could watch her kneecaps and commented that her injured kneecap not lined up correctly.  As I said, hopefully the exercises will correct the problem, because if not she's looking at surgery...but I don't want to think about that yet.

Alex attended Alumni Association Senior Class Mass and Brunch at school today.  He started the morning with the mass dedicated to the senior class.  Afterwards, they were given a luncheon hosted by the Alumni Association.  After that they were free to go for the day.  Unfortunately, he had a baseball game after school today so he couldn't really take the rest of the day off.  He did take advantage of the free time by going by the college and registering for a summer math class.

He then headed back to school to get Connor for the baseball game.  One of the few that they've been able to have lately because of all the rain we've been having.  I don't think our yard is every going to dry out.  I've never seen it have puddles in it for so long.  And they are calling for another inch of rain tomorrow.  Please...make it stop!

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