Saturday, April 09, 2011


Today did not turn out how it was supposed to.  Kenzie and I were scheduled to go to Laurel for a softball tournament.  Even though she can't play, she wants to be there to support her team.  Alex/Connor had a baseball game in Easton.  Unfortunately the rain yesterday and overnight changed those plans.  No softball or baseball today.  Sooo, we got to clean the house instead.  ;)  And this kids actually did it without grumbling...a rare occasion around here.  We got everything, other than laundry...a never ending task around here, done pretty early so they have the whole rest of the weekend to play.  I plan on doing some reading and family tree work.

Tomorrow we'll spend some time on at the softball field.  Games have been scheduled to start first thing in the morning.  Then we'll have an early birthday celebration for Connor.  :)

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Kathy said...

Hi Vicki, I wish I'd been able to get some cleaning done today...we pretty much relaxed most of the day. You asked about elephant ears...yes, they are just like funnel cakes.


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