Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Mommy Award

I totally forgot to wish Connor Happy Birthday before he left for school this morning.  How could a loving, caring mom do that to her just turned 15 year old boy??  I had thought about it early in the morning but by the time the boys got up, it had totally slipped my mind.  By the time it registered in my brain again he was already in school and I couldn't call him.  But to make matters worse, I talked to him twice after school and still forgot!  That's it...I should be replaced!  When I hung up the second time, it dawned on me what I hadn't done again so I called him back.  I started singing Happy Birthday when he answered but he was so not impressed.  I think I need to crawl back into my hole now.

Tomorrow will be a better day, right?

1 comment:

Full of Grace said...

Tomorrow will be a better day! That's a mama problem- we have so much on our plates, that sometimes it takes all we have just to get the nonimportant stuff done, let alone the important things! I have the same problem sometimes..I know that doesn't take away the guilt but just remember God didn't make us perfect, just perfectly forgiven :)


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