Monday, April 04, 2011

Adams Goofiness

This child continually makes me laugh at the silly things he does throughout the day.  Over the weekend, he was sitting in his chair while I was clean up from lunch.  I can hear him making funny noises but that's just Adam, so not really paying much attention.  I look over to find that he's suctioned cupped his cup to his face.  You know...stick the cup over your mouth and suck all the air out so that it adheres to your face.  Yup, that's what he did and when he'd get it unsuctioned, he'd start babbling about it and then repeat the whole process again.

Another thing he likes to do is make piggy sounds.  Now I think everyone, every now and then, will make snorting sounds thru their nose.  He likes to do it continually, he'll snort and then start laughing at himself, then snort again and more laughing.  It's an endless cycle for awhile.  And anyone who happens to be in the vicinity of him when he starts this just can't help but laugh with him.

Tonight we had french toast for dinner.  To give you a little background, we have plates that when you cut on them make the most atrocious nails on a blackboard.  Half of us feel like we are getting knifed in two whenever some cuts something and the others that it doesn't bother do it purely to torture the rest of us.  Adam has watched the commentary about the squeaking plates for quite a while which usually entails someone covering theirs ear while yelling at the culprit to stop it.  Tonight Andy was cutting his french toast and as soon as he started Adam put his little hands over his and started repeating stop it stop it over and over again.  Glad to see we've trained him well.  LOL  ;)

He's in a big hugging stage now.  Every time he sees me he wants a hug.  In the middle of a diaper change, he wants a hug.  Walking down the stairs, hug time.  And don't even think about not giving it to him.  He might be little but he gets his point across when he starts tugging on you.  And watch out when he starts demanding kisses!  ;)


Martha said...

How old is he, 2 1/2? I love that age. They're so much fun!

~momto8~ said...

That's too funny! Little boys are so cute and make life so much more interesting and lively, don't they? A whole lot of fun, exhausting for me sometimes--lol, but fun!


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