Friday, April 01, 2011

Another one bites the dust

First it was Adam...then Keari...and now Alex. This bug is slowly but surely making it's way thru the family. Unfortunately it's not a quick bug so I think we are going to be feeling the effects of it for some time now.

Thank goodness it's Friday. I'm ready to not worry about work for a couple of days. Now if I could only learn to let it go during the week, I would be in much better shape.

Bekah had speech class today which she enjoys. Her teacher wants to switch her day for class (Friday's are not her normal day for class) but she would like them to be so she can join other kids. In her normal class, it's usually just Bekah and her teacher...which she enjoys but she also likes being with the other kids so we'll this a try for awhile.

We spent the evening as a family watching Avatar, The Last Airbender. Now I enjoy spending time with the family but I have to say that this evening was pretty painful. I found the movie quite boring and too long. Even the kids didn't enjoy it which is saying something because generally they can watch anything. We stuck it out and I totally hated the ending!

On the agenda for the weekend is karate...we'll see how many people Ty can beat up tomorrow. ;) The Saturday class is usually very small...usually Ty and another it's almost like a private lesson. Kenzie has softball practice in preparation of their scrimmage on Sunday. I hear the Connor has a ton of homework so we probably won't see much of him. He has to draw a poster for a Faces of Christ assignment, he has to "book" a flight to Holland or Norway or some such place.

I'm hoping the weather will start cooperating and actually act like spring. What's up with snow on the first day of April?? That's just a cruel April fools joke. Thankfully we didn't have snow here...just cold and rainy...but the northern part of the state had enough to delay schools this morning. I'm hearing that next week it'll be in the 70's and I'm soooo looking forward to it.

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