Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last night, Andy and I traveled to Delaware to watch Alex, 9 of his senior classmates and 70 other seniors representing all 8 Catholic High Schools in the Wilmington Diocese receive the Saint Francis de Sales Award.  This award is presented by the Bishop to select seniors in recognition for excellence in faith development, service, scholarship, citizenship and leadership through out their high school career.  What a wonderful evening and we are so proud of Alex for being selected as one of the recipients this year.

Bishop W. Francis Malooly

Bishop Malooly and Alex

A happy Alex after receiving his award

Alex and his girlfriend Amy

Alex, Joey and their principal Mr. Nemeth

Saint Francis de Sales medal

Awesome crucifix in Saint Joseph's Church in Middletown, DE

Sorry for the color in some of the pictures.  I was trying to take them without flash while we were in the church.

A little about Saint Francis de Sales:
Saint Francis de Sales was an accomplished preacher and is known also for his writings on the topic of spiritual direction and spiritual formation.  He proved with his own life that people could grow in holiness while involved in a very active occupation.  His goodness, patience and mildness became proverbial.  He had an intense love for the poor.  His food was plain, his dress and his household simple.  He completely dispensed with superfluities and lived with the greatest economy, in order to be able to provide more abundantly for the wants of the needy.  He heard confessions, gave advice, and preached incessantly.  He wrote innumerable letters (mainly letter of direction) and found time to publish numerous works.  St. Francis de Sales was beatified on 1661, and canonized by Pope Alexander VII in 1665; he was proclaimed Doctor of the Universal Church by Pope Pius IX in 1877.
Take from the handout given to us by the Diocese of Wilmington during the ceremony.


Full of Grace said...

Congratulations to Alex, that is wonderful! :) On a sidenote, his girlfriend is very pretty, and he looks pleased as punch to have her beside him :)

Meari said...

Congrats to Alex. What an honor!

Kristin said...

What an amazing honor. Alex's accomplishments are a testament to the wonderful job y'all have done raining him.


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