Saturday, August 05, 2006

17 yrs

Today is our anniversary. It's hard to believe that much time has gone by already but I guess if I look around at all the kiddos that are running around underfoot, I shouldn't be surprised. ;-) The day started out with all the kids having soccer practice. Andy was at the field from 8 - 1...long day for him. I went up about 10 to bring the twins and Connor home after their practices but Connor opted to stay til after Kenzie's and Alex's. I played with Bekah for a little while on the playground but it was hot so we didn't play too long. At least is wasn't as hot as it had been earlier in the week. I'm just more sensitive to it with being pregnant and it took me a long time to cool down once we got home...actually took until I got in the pool which was actually refreshing for a change and not like the bath water that it had been. Andy and I went out to dinner by ourselves tonight to celebrate or anniversary. We went to Kent Manor Inn and I have to say that I wasn't impressed. It took us over an hour to get our maybe I'm getting old and don't have as much patience as I used to but that seems like an extemely long time for them to bring you your food. She tried to explain it away by saying that the chef sends his apologies but the duck (Andy ordered) took longer than expected to cook. Now this duck was about the size of half a cornish long would it take to cook the thing? Plus you could tell by looking at it that it had been cooked too long. We were speculating that they had to kill the duck and pluck it before they cook and that was what was taking so long to get the meal. ;-) I ordered crab cakes and they were actually very tasty. For dessert, we ordered a brownie with ice cream but the waittress messed that up and only brought one order instead of two. Andy wanted one with chocolate ice cream and I wanted one with vanilla. I could have done with just the ice cream, though, as the brownie left alot to be desired. They did end up giving us a complimentary dessert and free drinks so they did acknowledge that the service was lacking but even so, it's not a place that I would go back to. It was nice to spend time with my hubby alone without the kids...that's a rare treat for us. And we got to watch an outdoor wedding that was taking place on the grounds so that was kind of cool. Kept us entertained while we spent all that time waiting for our food.

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xsquared said...

Happy Anniversary! So sorry the meal was disappointing :(


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