Sunday, August 27, 2006

Chicken Coop Progress

The official building of the chicken coop has begun. The pic shows what it looked like as of yesterday. This is inside our existing shed. To the left of the framing will be were the chickens will reside, to the right will be normal shed usage. The runs for the chickens have also been plotted out, you can just barely make out the string outline in the pic. There are currently two different runs plotted out but we will probably start with just one for the winter and add to it next spring.

I didn't get as much accomplished yesterday as I wanted to. Was hoping to get to Kenzie's and Alex/Connor's room but only made it as far as straightening out the 2 linen closets. You'd have to have seen the state they were in to understand why it took so long. ;) Then I did a number of loads of laundry and hung them on the line outside. There's something quite therapeutic about hanging clothes on a line...I think it's something we should have started doing a long time ago. I know that I could do it in the middle of winter though. I felt like a total country bumpkin at one point, though. Bekah was outside playing and didn't want to come in once I got the dry clothes in the basket and the wet ones hung up so I sat on a tree stump and folded clothes. What a sight that must have been. LOL Late in the afternoon, we went to some friends and hung out for the evening. They are always fun to get together with and the kids get along great with their son so they can entertain themselves which leaves the adults to sit around and chat. Always a nice change. I wasn't able to get any stitching done yesterday but I'm hoping to get some done today as our plans for the day have changed. We were supposed to go to my parents house to celebrate my bil's birthday but they weren't able to make it. So that means we have a free day. Yay! =)


ozark crafter said...

That is going to be one grat chicken coop! I always loved having chickens.

Jaime said...

your chicken coop looks good so far.
I can just picture you sitting on the stump just folding
glad you had a free day without running around

Martha said...

Are you going to collect eggs or eat the chickens? I'm assuming you want the eggs since that's not quite as "messy".

Vicki said...

Thanks ladies!

Martha - we are mainly going to collect eggs but once the hens get too old to do a good job of that, then we'll eat them. We'll see how that last part goes...depends on how attached the kids get to them. LOL


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