Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nesting Already?

All the clutter in the house has been driving me crazy lately and the master bathroom has needed a thorough cleaning for a couple of weeks now so once all the kids left with Andy for soccer the ungodly hour of 7:45 (I didn't sleep well at all last night so that seems like a totally unreasonable time to have been up this morning)...I ate a quick breakfast with Bekah and then got to work.

This is what I got accomplished:
- cleaned our bathroom (still need to mop)
- straightened and vacuumed tv room
- straightened up my desk and kids computer desk
- decluttered Bekah's room, changed sheets and vacuumed it
- decluttered the baby's room (now please explain to me how this room gets cluttered when there's no one in this room yet) and vacuumed it
- decluttered the twins room, changed sheets and vacuumed it
- cleaned all the gunk off the front door
- vacuumed the family room
- vacuumed our bedroom
- vacuumed hallway
- vacuumed the laundry room
- swept steps

I cleaned for so long that I completely lost track of time. Poor Bekah fell asleep on Tay's bed while waiting for me to feed her lunch. Boy, don't I feel like a bad mommy.

I still need to:
- declutter Kenzie's room
- declutter Alex & Connor's room
- straighten linen closet
- straighten hall closet

but those will be left for another day.
So is this what you would consider nesting? If so, it's going to be a long 10 wks. LOL

In the afternoon, I decided no more cleaning (I think I overdid it as my back and legs are really hurting) and pulled out the Robin's single theme rr that I have. I was able to finish my entire siggie in a few hours. Yay! I haven't felt much like stitching lately but it actually felt good to put needle to fabric today. Now I'm going to move on to the mini rr I have to work on and see what I can accomplish there.

Mom called this afternoon to say that she had to take Dad to the ER this morning. He fell yesterday at one of the schools and his RA flared up over night. They gave him a bunch of meds and then let him go home. Needless to say he was feeling pretty good at the time she called. Guess I would be too with all those meds floating around in my system. ;) Seriously though, it's times like these when you realize how quickly a situation can go from to good to bad. Even though this wasn't serious, who knows when something will happen that will be. This was a good wake up call to remember not to take your time with anyone for granted because you have no idea how long you will have with them.


Jaime said...

wow, I am amazed at what you accomplished on Saturday. I say take it easy on Sunday and stitch the day away...
hope your dad is feeling better

Margaret said...

Oh my. You're in for a long 10 weeks.

I hope your dad is feeling better! And yes, what you say is so true.

xsquared said...

If you finish up your house and still feel the need to nest, you can come and clean mine! ROFL!

Hope your dad is feeling better soon!


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