Sunday, August 06, 2006

Houses, houses everywhere and not a one we like

Well mostly anyway. We decided to take a drive today to look at the locations of some of the houses that'd we'd been discussing. These were located about 1/2 hr from my office...what a lovely commute that would be versus the 1 hr that I'm driving now. We didn't schedule any showings to actually see the houses, we just wanted to get a feel for where they were located. Turns out, we didn't like any of them...not even the one that would have been the perfect size for us. We also discovered that we much preferred the area around where we are living now so looks like I'm going to be keeping my long commute. *sigh* When we got back home, we decided to take a drive down to the 15 acre farm property that's 10 minutes from our current house. I've never been down by it but Andy and the kids have. The kids help out on the farm right next door with the chickens, bees, etc. While we couldn't see much, what I could see tells me that if we are meant to move it's going to be to this place. Only problem is that it was taken off the market on 8/1. It didn't sell so the agent I've been talking to is trying to find out if it was a permanent removal or just a temporary one. We'll see what happens.


xsquared said...

Saying a prayer that things work out the way they are meant to!

jen said...

Sounds exciting!


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