Sunday, August 20, 2006

Night Terrors?

This is the only thing I can think of that is making Bekah act the way she is at night. The past two nights she woken up sobbing hysterically. Last night I found her sitting on her knees in her crib pointing out her window sobbing uncontrobably. Tonight, I found her in the same position but she wasn't making a peep and was just staring off into space...she had stopped crying by the time I got to her room. I' took her to the living room both times to rock and she won't go anywhere near her room again until she is completely asleep...which of course at that point she doesn't know she's going back. A couple of the other kids went through this as well although I don't remember it starting this early and I don't remember how long it lasted. Hope it doesn't last too long as it makes for some late nights...especially when she wakes up at 1am...tonight she started early.

That's the way the evening ended. The day began with us pulling into the church parking lot for 9am service and seeing the doors propped open. That's never a good sign...means the air conditioning is broken and boy does it get hot in there. We survived although Bekah was especially grumpy.

The chicken coop building process has begun. Or in this case, the remodeling process as the plan is to convert part of our existing shed into the chicken coop. Andy and the kids were able to get the shed cleaned out today and the one side is now empty. The plan is to put a wire wall inside the shed as a divider and to cut a hole in the side wall to allow the chickens access to an outside run. We've got some old wire shelving that we'll put on the floor to keep the chickens up out of their mess and some old broom handles to use as perches. We're trying to be as economical as we can with this. Not sure what we are going to use as nesting boxes but we'll probably have 2-4 of those depending on how many chickens we end up with.


xsquared said...

Poor Bekah! Hope the night terrors stop soon.

Can't wait to see the pictures of your chickens! When do they arrive?

Angelic said...

what the heck happened with the alpacas? (<--that's for Andy to answer *giggle*) chickens huh? how fun! I'm so sorry for poor Bekah, I had night terrors for years, not sure that's what she has, but I feel for her. Does she sleep with a nightlight on? or music? It might help :) ((hugs))

Jaime said...

poor Bekah... (((HUGS)))

Vicki said...

Thanks everyone regarding Bekah! We'll see how she does tonight. V - we've been leaving the light on in the hallway so there is plenty of light that gets into here...actually probably more than what there should be. And I'm not letting Andy answer the question about the alpacas cause he'll just tell you that we can have them on our current property. That's what I get for calling the county and finding out that there are no restrictions on animals. LOL The real answer is we don't have enough money right now (not sure that we ever will) to get a place with enough land to have them. So we are going to settle for now with some chickens in our shed. LOL

Megan - I'm not sure when they're arriving. I know it'll take at least a couple of weeks to get some fertilized eggs and then we'd have to incubate them until they it'll be a while yet.


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