Monday, August 21, 2006

Almost there

Kenzie had a drs appt this morning to get her collarbone re-xrayed. Everything must be healing okay because she doesn't need to go back anymore. She was thrilled about that. :) She was also told that she could start participating in the drill part of soccer but couldn't actually play in any games (that goes for scrimmages as well) for another two weeks which works out well since that's when her first game is. Guess we'll be making a phone call here soon to her new softball coach to let him know she'll be okay to resume her sporting activities in a couple of weeks. Then the fun of that traveling starts although I'm not sure when they actually start practicing in this league...could be as late as the end of the year which would be good since the baby will be here in a couple of month. That's one question that I forgot to ask while we were there on Saturday. I'm not sure how we'll get her to practices yet but I have faith that things will work out somehow.

Andy and the kids then went over to spend the day with his parents after her appt. It's nice that they are close enough that they can do that and still be back in time for soccer practice in the afternoon. Andy's mom isn't thrilled with our name choice for the baby but he was the one that came up with it many years ago. She also isn't thrilled about us having chickens but he's sure that we can win her over once she takes the first egg. LOL ;-)

1 comment:

Jaime said...

glad she is all healed up....
good luck being a mommy chaufuear(sp?)


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