Saturday, August 19, 2006

Softball Anyone?

It appears that Kenzie has now joined a travel softball league. They had tryouts today for the team that we inquired about several months ago. The coach of the team called earlier this week and even though we explained that she couldn't try out for the team because of her broken collarbone, he assured us that it wasn't an issue and to just let him know when she got clearance from the dr that she could play again. Because Kenzie isn't one to sit back and wait, she wanted to go to the tryouts anyway so she could meet the coach and some of the players. Of course that meant that I missed out on getting together with my stitchy girlfriends in Virginia today...sorry ladies!...but how could I resist an 8 yo that looks at you with big blue eyes while saying that she really really wants to go to tryouts. I'm glad I did as Kenzie was very excited about the whole prospect of being on the team and thanked me multiple times for taking her after we got back home. The coach seem pretty excited about her showing up at tryouts. Because this is the developmental age group, they don't cut kids from the team so if Kenzie really wants to play, she's got a spot on the team. And they especially liked that she plays catcher. Of course by joining this team, it means that she won't be able to attend BSF as one of her practices and the BSF class fall on the same night. We'll have to see if there is some other class that's offered on another night as I'd hate for her to miss out on that learning activity.

Not much else going on. Alex took a referee class for soccer today. Connor wasn't feeling today so he missed his soccer practice. And the twins had off today as their team was used for a coachs skills demonstration last night..

I was able to get some stitching done today. Finished up the mini rr that I was working on and also finished what I wanted to do on the Finishers Too piece that I have. Now I'm either going to work on Mother's Bliss or Quaker Mystery Sampler although I do have a quilt square that I have to get done by the end of the month.

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Jaime said...

our kids get us everytime.LOL
glad you had a quiet day..
the stitching projects look awesome.


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