Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When are you due?

or How much longer? have been the two questions I've been getting alot the past two weeks. They always look surprised when I tell them I'm due towards the end of October...like there's no way I can still have 8 weeks left, I must be due in the next week or so. Reminds me of when I was pregnant with the twins but I really did look big...well huge actually...then so I could understand their surprise then when I told them I still had a couple months left. But I'm no where near that big now although everyone sure is making me think I am. A coworker of mine has commented on how much bigger I look this week than I was previously. Maybe the babe has just changed position which is the reason I look so different now. Who knows...but I am starting to get a little worried that this one is going to be another big one.

The other comment I'll get after being asked one of the other ones is whether this is my first child. To say people are taken aback when I tell them it's my 7th would be putting things mildly. For the most part I get varying responses to that answer...from That's wonderful...how blessed you are! to Oh my, are you crazy?!? I don't take the crazy comments to heart. ;) I took a class last week with one of my coworkers and got asked this question to which my coworker started laughing before I could answer. Needless to say the expressions on everyone elses face in the class was quite entertaining when I explained why she was laughing. Guess they knew then why I was taking a Time Management class. LOL


ozark crafter said...

Congrats on the little one to come along soon!

Jaime said...

I always hated those kids of comments when I was pregnant..
When I see a pic of you, I can't believe you are old enough to have almost 7 kids. I think you look fantastic!!!!

Heather Smith said...

My mom came from a family of 7 kids, and my dad came from a family of five. My sister and I both want large families. My brother, well he's 20, so he wants what any typical 20 year old guy wants, one child who is very well behaved! LOL! I pray the rest of your pregnancy goes well and that this one isn't too big!!

Martha said...

I have a friend here in town and she has seven children. I like to ask her "How many kids do you have anyway?" just because I know I can get away with it.

I feel your pain with people's comments. I had someone tell me I was "HUGE!!!" before my son Ben was born. I wanted to cry when another friend (who happened to be an OB nurse piped up and said "Oh, I've seen lots of women much bigger than her." I will love her forever!

PS. I'm sure you're beautiful.

Vicki said...

Thanks ladies!

Jaime - you are such a sweetie for your kind words.

Heather - how cool that your parents came from large families. Neither my husband nor I did. I have twin sisters and my DH has on sister and none of our parents came from large families so they have a hard time understanding why we want so many kiddos.

Martha - what a wonderful friend you have! Most of mine just say...yup, your big. I had someone at work today tell me that she didn't think I'd make it 8 more weeks because I was so big. Thanks alot! LOL I'll try to take a pic of me soon. I usually do it when I have a drs appt...my next one is in two weeks so if I don't take a pic before then, I'll definitely take one at that time.

~Velda said...

so when are you due? *giggle*


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