Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just need some chickens...

The chicken coop is now finished other than just a little bit of cleanup. They finished putting up the fencing for the run today. There a doorway that was cut in the front wall of the shed so that the chickens will be able to go in and out of the she. The door is currently closed but you can just make it out near the ground under the window. You can see the nest boxes inside the coop...just need to clean them off from all the wood shavings. The wire shelving you see on the floor is to help keep the chickens up off the floor a little. There's a perch for them along that far wall. But where are the chickens?? The people we are getting the eggs from will start gathering them for us...they've been on vacation and we'll get the incubator tomorrow so we'll be all ready for when the eggs arrive. I'll be sure to take a pic when we get our eggies. :)

Mom and dad stopped by tonight to show off the new car that mom got for her birthday. She got a Chrysler 300 in Cool Vanilla. Very pretty car and is so quiet when you are traveling in it. We are supposed to get together to celebrate mom's b'day and my bil's birthday next Sunday.

Andy's mom has been sick lately and is still in the hospital...she went in last Sunday where they found that she has an electrolite imbalance. They've been working on correcting that imbalance but as of yet have been unable to do so. And they are now monitoring her for seizures. Hopefully they will be able to get things under control soon.

I have the feeling that tomorrow will not be a fun day for traveling to and from work if the map is any indication of what the weather is going to be like. We are projected to get all the rain from Ernesto tomorrow into Saturday. I'm thinking tomorrow would be a good day just to stay home in bed all day. ;)


Jaime said...

hope your MIL starts feeling better
WAY TO GO ANDY on the chicken coop!

xsquared said...

The coop looks great! Hope Andy's mom feels better soon. Stay safe in Ernesto! We're supposed to get a whole lotta rain today and tomorrow, too.

Martha said...

The little boy I babysit calls chickens "chicken nuggets". Do you think you'll have some of them? Well, maybe it'll work for a name... Let's see, Chicken Nugget, Chicken Patty, Chicken a'la King... (that would be the rooster, I guess).


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