Monday, August 28, 2006


Oh oldest got contacts today. He can't be old enough for them yet, can he? He actually wanted to get them last year but the optometrist wanted him to wait until he was at least 13. His main reason for wanting them is because he has to wear prescription goggles when he plays sports...figured that was better than risking his glasses getting broken...but they really bug him so he's hoping the contacts will work better. He's in the phase in period right now...4hrs today, 5hrs tomorrow, 6hr the next and all day after that. He'll go back next week for a recheck just to make sure everything is going okay. So far so good. He was able to get them out and put away tonight without a problem. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

I took a walk with Alex and Bekah down to the river tonight while everyone else was up at the soccer field for the twins practice. What a wonderful breeze there was. We sat on the bulkhead and threw sticks in to the river for awhile. I did some stitching when we got back and I've made it back to the point where the frog got me yesterday. Looks like everything is lined up this time so I'm good. Still hoping to post a finished Part 4 pic in the next day or so.

I just got read the sweetest story of Green Eggs and Ham by my beginning 1st grader. Taylor just loves to read and has gotten quite good a reading the Dr Seuss books. It's amazing to think that this time last year he couldn't read at all and now he's reading whole books. And all the credit has to go to my DH. He's done such a great job of teaching all the kids although I know it can be trying at times.


Martha said...

Yeah for dads!

Jaime said...

it must be hard to see your kids becoming teenagers. hope the contacts work out for him.
YEAH!! With Jacob just starting 1st grade, I am so proud of his reading skills...
woohoo Taylor
can't wait to see your motif


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