Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Sometimes I really wonder what goes on at home while I'm at work. I got home a little late yesterday so I basically passed Andy in the driveway as he was heading for the field for soccer practice with the kids. After determining that I only had two kiddos at home with me, can never be quite sure on any given day how many go and how many stay, I set about continuing the dinner preparations that Andy had started. About halfway through this, I happened to glance out the back window and saw a tree laying across our back yard with branches strewn all around. Now we had been talking about cutting this tree down as it was half dead but I wasn't expecting it to have to been done already. When you are expecting to see one thing and see something else it can give a person quite a start. It looks great out there now without the tree...and to top things off, they've gotten it all cleaned up. The tree trunk has been cut up into pieces which our neighbor took most of to use in his fireplace. All the small limbs and leaves have been clean up and the stump has been cut down to the ground. Only thing left to do is to get a stump grinder to get the remaining part out of the ground but that can wait awhile. I had a picture of it but for some reason the camera decided to eat the pics so I guess we won't have anything to remember the occasion by. LOL I was able to get a pic of the left over tree trunks that Andy held back from our neighbor. Now I know why. =)

I wonder what's in store for me to find next..


Martha said...

I came home the other day to a sawmill demonstration in our backyard. My dear husband has been looking at purchasing a sawmill for the past eight months and now he has one. We'll be hauling trees like yours home to slice up into lumber. Pretty soon we'll be looking like the lumber section of Home Depot.

Jaime said...

((HUGS)) the life a a mom of 6..
I would of been scaried to see the tree down.
wow, you have a dh that does things without having to nag him about it. awesome!!!

Meari said...

That's a great pic of your little one enjoying the "stump" seats. :)


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