Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

I think that about sums up what it's going to be like here for the next couple of days. It was too hot for the kids to go fishing. And when they tried to go swimming in our pool, they ended up taking a bath instead. Now I like my pool water warm but not quite that warm. The president of our company was nice enough to let us have business casual dress attire for the rest of the week (we normally only get this on Fridays as he hates...and I mean hates...business casual) to try and combat the heat. I must remember to bring in my parka and my gloves tomorrow. Why? you ask. Because the company sent out an email saying they were adjusting the timing of when the air conditioning will be on in the building over the next few days. Normally it shuts off at 10pm and restarts at 4am, but to try and combat the heat for the next few days they will be running it 24hrs a day. Now that normally wouldn't be a bad thing except that it's already like an icebox on the floor I work on. I'm gonna be a little ice cube tomorrow. LOL

On a different note...how do you resist a little munchkin that looks up at you with big blue eyes as she's thrusting a book in your lap. You don't. =) But in this case her older sister offered to read to her, at which point she turned those adoring blues over to Kenzie and followed her down the hall to her room so she could get her story read. Ah, sisterly love...too bad it doesn't last for more than about 10 minutes. LOL

I was able to get a little bit of stitching done last night. Pulled out Mother's Bliss for the first time in months. Was fun working on her again. Had planned on working on her again tonight but I'm just not in the mood. I'm tired, cranky and just basically out of sorts. Sure hope this funk passes soon as it's getting kind of old at this point.


~Velda said...

You need to unfunk girlfriend! I hate funks lol....so it's hot huh? lol....it's hot, humid and horrid all over the place, ick. Stay warm today *giggle* wanna borrow my new purple scarf?

xsquared said...

I'm in a funk too - I'm hoping its just the heat.

Vicki said...

LOL V, I think I'll forego your scarf but thank you so much for the offer. ;) It's actually a tad warm in the building today not the icebox that I was expecting so that's just an indication of how hot it is outside. Ugh

I hope my funk is heat related too. We'll see.

Leah said...


I'm tired, cranky, and out of sorts, too! My poor husband and children! The heat is just not good especially for pregnant ladies like us. ;) I have so much to do before our baby arrives and I just have no motivation to get it done. :( I'm hoping with the "cold" front that's coming in I'll be more my normal self. Maybe I'll be able to tackle all the little projects that need to be done in the next 7 weeks before our midwife's home visit.

Vicki said...

Hope you got that cold front, Leah. It's supposed to get cooler here starting Friday although I'm not quite sure that I think mid 90's is cool. LOL Good luck on getting everything done prior to your midwife visit.


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