Thursday, August 24, 2006

2006 Already??

I know some of you are thinking...what's she talking about?'s August 2006. What's the Already about? I assure you...there is a legitimate reason for my question...asked tongue in cheek, course. I've finally, finally made it into the current year at work. Yay!! I've been working on four December 2005 reports for my boss since the middle of March. He finally released two of them about a month ago. We've been going back and forth on the other two ever since. But he finally agreed to release them this afternoon. Woohoo! That means I can now start working on the June 2006 reports...which I'm right on time to be starting. Hope these go quicker than the December ones did as I need to get them finished before I have the baby and last I checked, that's only about 2 months away. Yikes! That's not much time.

And speaking of the baby, I'm starting to get really uncomfortable. She feels incredibly heavy lately so it's making it hard to walk. And she must have changed her position because now it's just uncomfortable in general. She must be all spread out in there because it doesn't matter what position I'm in, it still feels like something is poking me. She's also getting stronger so every now and then it really hurts when she stretches out and moves around. And she gets tons of hiccups too. Wonder what she's drinking in there? ;-)


Jaime said...

woohoo on finally reaching 2006

(((HUGS))) the last couple of months are so uncomfortable... hope she is nicer to mommy soon!

Martha said...

Can you still pick one foot up off the ground or do you absolutely have to sit down in order to get dressed? I remember, with my last two, my pelvic bone was really sore.

Vicki said...

Thanks Jaime!

LOL Martha! I can still pick one foot off the ground if I absolutely have to but it's much more comfortable to get dressed sitting down. Definitely have to do the sideways thing to get my socks on. ;-)


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