Thursday, August 03, 2006

Unrealistic Expectations?

Not much happening homewise...still hot as anything so haven't been doing much in the evenings. Trying to swim but the pool is just not refreshing...even Bekah didn't like it tonight and wanted out after about 10 minutes. She much preferred jumping on the trampoline. The kids and Andy walked down to the river for a short while. The rays are migrating through as the river was filled with they say. I opted to stay home.

Anyway, on to the unrealistic expectations. I'm a little frustrated with work today mainly because my boss made a comment to me that his boss had made to him about he couldn't understand why I didn't a report done yet that he had assigned to me on Tuesday. This report has 4 parts to it...I gave him a draft of one part yesterday to make sure that I was on the right track...which I was :)...and I've been working on the other parts since then. It's not easy to pull our data together the way he is looking for and I think he tends to forget that. Plus he wants everything to tie back to our corporate report and it takes time to track down discrencies. And I do have other work that I'm supposed to be doing besides the reports he's assigned me. Makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes. I don't think the comment would have bothered me as much if he hadn't made a similar comment about another report a week or so ago. It's making me start to think that he doesn't feel I'm doing my job. Now this other report has been done for months and he's the hold up because he keeps changing things with it. He's a very detailed person (which is unusual for a VP) and loves to get into the details but he tends to forget that not everyone wants to be down in the nitty gritty so his reports tend to be a bit over kill. I don't normally mind working on them but when you've been rehashing them for 4 months...and the next update is due now and you still haven't released the prior gets a bit old.

Okay, enough complaining from me...I'm off to bed with hopes that tomorrow will be a brighter day. I think I might take a long lunch tomorrow and take a look at a couple of farmettes that we've been looking at online...I'm curious to see what they look like in person.


~Velda said...

alpacas anyone? *giggle*

xsquared said...

Gah - bosses! So glad I don't have one anymore. And also glad that I'm NOT one anymore!

What is a farmette? A small farm?

Vicki said...

Yes, a farmette is a small farm. We are actually looking at a very small version, about 3-5 acres, although DH has fallen in love with property 10 minutes down the road from us that is 15 acres. I'm not sure what he's thinking we'll use all those acres for. Maybe those alpacas that V mentioned. LOL


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