Monday, August 07, 2006

Good news/Bad news

Can't have one without the other, now can you? I got an email today about the house that we are interested in...the owner is more than willing to let us come look at the place even though it's not officially on the market at this time. Yay! That's the good news. Now the bad news...I reran the numbers for the mortgage amount that we would be looking at with this new place and where I thought we'd be close turns out that we are way off. I don't know what I was looking at before but there is no way we can get this place on our own unless 1) the owner is feeling really generous and decides to knock a good chunk off the asking price or 2) we seriously start talking to my parents about going in on this place together. We mentioned it to them already and Dad's game, just a numbers/timing thing on their part. We're supposed to go look at the place Wednesday night although now Andy thinks we should just not even bother since we won't be able to afford it. Sometimes I just want to smack him...he was the one that was all excited about this place to begin and said things would work out if they were meant to and now he doesn't even want to go see it. So, we'll probably go take a look at it but the reality of things are that we will most likely be staying right where we are. I'm not sure if I'm upset about that or not. We've been in our current house 12 yrs now and have done a number of additions/renovations to get the house to be where we want it. I really don't feel like starting all over again. We are within 8 yrs of having our current mortgage paid off. If we move, we'll be starting over again with a 30 yr mortgage. If, and that's a huge if, we are somehow able to get into this house, we won't have anything left over to do anything around the new if we are going to be that strapped, is it really worth it? I'm not so sure it is. But it can't hurt to go look and then we'll probably put all this on the back shelf and look in front of us to what other changes we can make in our lives to make them less hectic/stressful.

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