Friday, September 08, 2006

And Then There Were Eight?

When I went to bed last night there were 3 roosters in our chicken coop. I'm assuming that when I left for work this morning there were still 3 roosters in the coop. I can't actually confirm that as I didn't check this morning. The above pic is what I came home to this afternoon...8 roosters! Now how exactly did that happen??? My hubby helpfully told me that they arrived in boxes. Hmm, guess they heard we had a new coop with lots of space and they decided to stop by and try it out. LOL ;) They seem to be enjoying their new space...they have a lot more room here than they did in their old space. They love to run outside eating up whatever bugs they can catch. I think the variety of colors is pretty cool. I've heard a rumor that we will be getting an incubator for eggs tonight. Don't think the eggs are coming yet although there are now two sets of friends collecting eggs for currently has 14 set aside, not sure how many we'll be getting from the other. I'm beginning to wonder exactly what I've let myself be talked into. LOL

Here's a pic of what Mother's Bliss looks like as of last night. I've gotten most of the dark green done...only smaller patches left to do right in the middle and the second ribbon and then I think the bottom part of her dress is done. Yay! She's going to get put aside for awhile now while I work on a snowman rr. Then I'll either switch to the Finishers Too piece I have or to Quaker Mystery Sampler and then I'll be back to Mother's Bliss after I rotate through those three pieces. I'm getting excited that I can actually see an end point to both MB and QMS.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Andy is sure enjoying his roosters.
Give him a few days and you are going to have dozens of chickens and roosters.LOL
your stitching looks awesome!


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