Saturday, September 09, 2006

First Official Soccer Games of the Season

Everyone except for Alex had their first official game of the season today. They've been practicing since the beginning of August and have been doing scrimmages during the week for the past couple of weeks but today was when it really began. Connor's team was the first one to play and they got creamed...much different than the scrimmage that they played last night. On a good note, though, Connor scored the first and only goal of the game. Yay Connor! After his game, Kenzie, Bekah, Connor and I went to watch Alex referee his very first soccer game while Andy went to go coach the twins game. After a slight delay due to one of the teams not having enough players, the Alex's ref game got underway. They decided to play shorter halves than normal since the teams didn't have subs. Alex did a great job although we did tease him that we thought he ran too much. Most of the refs tend to stand in one spot and think they can make calls without being where the action is. He knew we were kidding. :) At halftime, I left to go watch the second half of the twins game while Andy came over to watch the second half of Alex's ref'ing. I was very impressed with how agressive the twins were. They thought nothing of getting into the mix and fighting for the ball...they knew how to play their positions which helped that they were where they were supposed to be when the ball would pop out for the other kids that were bunched up together. It was great fun to watch them and they had a terrific time playing even though their team as a whole didn't do well. Afterwards, we all regrouped and got something to eat at the concession stand, then I went home while Andy stayed to coach Kenzie's game and Alex went off with friends to go crabbing. I was hot and tired at that point and Bekah needed of nap so I thought it was best for us to leave. Of course, Ty had to stay for the game...he is always where daddy is. ;) Kenzie's team did great which was a complete turn around from the way their scrimmages had been going. Wouldn't you know it, the one I miss is the one team that actually wins. Doesn't it always work that way? LOL

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Jaime said...

and the madness of soccer games start!
I don't know how you balance everything. I need some pointers from you.LOL


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