Friday, September 29, 2006

A Quiet Day at Home

It was wonderful waking up this morning when I wanted to...not having to worry about being up at the crack of dawn, running around to get a shower, get dressed, get my lunch together and then making the hour drive to work. I was still up at 5 though, my normal waking time, so I got up and bopped around the boards for a little bit then went back to bed. How nice that was! Guess it'll take a little while for my internal clock to readjust to not needing to be up that early. I was able to get a number of things done while logged in to work today although I am at a slight disadvantage since all my notes are at work. If I had planned this better I would have grabbed them before I left work on Tuesday. LOL Not to mention straightening up my desk. What a mess that was! When I work on a report I usually spread all the papers I'm using out on my desk so I can refer easily from one to the other. Sometimes when I leave in the evening, it's not worth putting them all back together in the folder just to pull them all back out in the morning. And that's exactly what I'd done when I left work Tuesday...left them spread out all over my desk. Luckily I have a nice coworker who straightened my desk of for me. =)

I made one short trip out of the house today to get the emissions test done on my car...thought I had another week to get it done but I was mistaken. While I was out, I also stopped by the post office to mail a mini rr and a finishers too piece since I couldn't hand deliver them while at Hershey like I had planned to today. I was able to talk to Jo Anna yesterday and it sounded like they were having a wonderful time up there...and buying lots of stitchy stuff.

A very nice friend brought dinner over for us tonight. How sweet was that? She wanted to do something for us after hearing about what's been going on with the munchkin. The dinner was a delicious noodle casserole and much to my DH's surprise, all the kids actually liked it. They usually grumble about sauce being on noodles...some like, some don't...but they all liked the dish tonight. There was also yummy rolls, applesauce, milk, butter and cookies. A complete meal. And there are even leftovers, so we have lunch for tomorrow. =)

Tomorrow is another milestone for our chickie eggs...they get to be taken out of their rockers in preparation of them hopefully starting to hatch on Monday. I recandled all the eggs so that we could try to remove any empty eggs. Wow, what a difference a week makes...most of the eggs are completely black now which should mean that there is a chickie in there. Even most of our questionable eggs are looking good. So the numbers now look like 17 with chickies in them and 5 that are empty. Now to wait and see how many of the 17 actually hatch.

I've also been getting some stitching in. I decided Tuesday night, while having all the contractions, that I needed something mindless to work on so I started Tanya's Halloween Gameboard Mystery Stitch A Long. I figured I could handle stitching a bunch of boxes in one color. LOL I'm almost done with the orange boxes...only two more rows to go then I can switch to the black ones.

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