Thursday, September 07, 2006

Foster Roosters

We are now the proud parents of 3 foster roosters. LOL I was surpised that they were different colors. We have a brown one, a black one and a brown one with a black spot up near it's neck. We'll be watching them for a friend that currently has too many for their space and they'll be helping to break in our new coop until we get our own chickens. I won't even talk about what's going to happen to them come the end of can read more about that on my DH's blog under his Day 2 post if you want. I was so surprise with how much Taylor loves the roosters! He walked right into the coop and picked one up. He then had to pick up the other two just to give them equal time. =) Bekah liked them too and followed them around trying to pet them when we let them out into the pen. Oh and for all you funny girls out there...I do know the difference between a rooster and a hen and I won't be searching for any eggies from these little guys. LOL I guess these guys are safe enough until they start crowing, then that's a whole other issue. Right now they just make little cheeping's so cute.

Car noises...ever been driving down the road and hear a strange noise coming from your car but you can't identify what or where it is? The kind of noise that you just want to ignore because you know if you figure out what it is, that it's going to end up costing you alot of money to get fixed. This is what I was experiencing on my way home from work today. I started hearing it after I got on the beltway and opened my window...which for a fleeting second I just wanted to shut it again and forget that I'd heard anything. But I didn't do...I just kept driving trying to figure out where the come and go squealing sound was coming from. Sounded to me like a worn belt but I'd just recently had my one worn belt replaced so I couldn't figure out what was causing the squealing. I'm still hearing it after a 1/2 hr of driving...and I'm driving on a major beltway so there are lots of different cars around. I finally figure out that it's the van in front of me making this terrible noise. Who would have thought that I'd follow him from where I got on the beltway to where we both got off at the same exit which is why I'd been hearing the noise for so long. I only figured it out when I went to take a second exit and he didn't which resulted in me passing him. I'm just so thankful that it wasn't my car making the noise. The last thing I want to do is put this thing back in the shop again.

Anyone have $2.5 million dollars they can loan me? I spent the entire day trying to figure out why the report I was working on was off this amount. Still hadn't figured it out by the time I went for the day. Hopefully things will look different in the morning and I'll be able to figure it out first thing.


~Velda said...

2.5 million? Sell them some roosters LMAO!!!!!!! chirp chirp

Jaime said...

what cute roosters!
I hear noises like that all of the time. It drives me nuts and makes me think it is my van. Then the car in front or behind me turns and the noise stops.
wow, that is a big amount to be off. hope you find the problem!

Deb said...

Oh you will have so much fun when you start getting baby chicks. They are real time wasters and I just know how much spare time you have lol

Andy said...

Now I know why we can't get ahead on our bills. My lovely bride keeps losing company money. Boy, am I glad I fiound this blog. I'm learning all kinds of good stuff.

Martha said...

How about that smell of burning brakes or who knows what? I'm always afraid that maybe it's my car that stinks.

Anonymous said...

At least the noise wasn't YOUR car. Hope you found the 2.5mil - I usually just walk away when that happens. It's only a number after all.... I can find it another day.


P.S. I can't leave msgs on your beta blog when I'm signed in! :-(

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Love the roosters!
I hate when I think a noiise is my car1 Scares me to death! LOL!

Emma said...

They are so cute. Cockadoodledoo!

If I had a spare 2.5 mill I'd cheerfully give it to you!



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